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We warmly invite you to learn more about our congregation and our many activities in the Emmaus church

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Our secretariat is multilingual
Avenue Salomé 7, 1150 Brussels (Woluwe St. Pierre)
Tel 0032 (0)2 762 40 62
Mail: info(at)

If you would like to donate for the Emmaus construction project 20/21 please follow this link.


Who are we

The Emmaus church is a protestant congregation and has been based in Woluwe St. Pierre since 1975.
We are a German-speaking non-profit organisation funded solely by membership fees and donations. Our Pastors and congregation speak a variety of languages other than German. Many of our members have an international background and speak several languages at home.

We are affiliated to the United Protestant Church in Belgium

We are members of the Brussels Interchurch Committee (CIB)

We offer religious and cultural events

Our activities are available to anyone wishing just to listen or join in.

Religious events

As a church we care for the pastoral and spiritual wellbeing of our members and offer regular church services in German. Ceremonies such as weddings, baptisms and funerals can be organised in French, Dutch or English.
We organise activities for children, young people and senior citizens, as well as help with social welfare issues.
Many of our services and activities are ecumenical.

Cultural events

Listen to music
Organ, choir, brass and recorder concerts,
chamber music and vocal recitals

New forms of musical expression:
2020 experimental music 
sounds of the environment

2019 Performanz Silence and Light

2017 Performanz en allant – im gehen

Musical groups you can join
Brass band
Recorder group
“The Band”
Women’s choir ‘Easy Sing’
Children’s Choir

Emmaus library
The only German public lending library in Brussels,
with books, media, games and an online catalogue
Literary events, readings and a book club

Events for senior citizens
Monday afternoon coffee
Walking group
Chair gymnastics and more

Our festivals
Annual Summer fete

Harvest festival followed by lunch

Our traditional German Advent bazaar

Meeting at the Emmaus Church

Our community centre has rooms for group meetings and events.
Our building project Emmaus 20/21 will create other flexible spaces within our building. A lift will be installed. Guests will be able to hold receptions in the bistro and use a separate room for presentations, readings and concerts.
A modern kitchen will be available for catering.
Rooms will be available for rent.


Society as a whole and the environment
are important for us

As a Christian community we are keen to support the wellbeing of those around us. We have to fund all our own work but we are keen to do all we can to let others benefit from our resources.
We share our funds with others in financial need.
We support projects and institutions that do the same.


Welfare and social work 

Every year we make have collections and make donations to Belgian institutions
They receive at least 50 % of the collections we make in our church services.
The Emmaus church along with other protestant congregations is a responsible for the Centre Social Protestant, A.S.B.L.
We support their work with collections, donations, fundraising campaigns and volunteer work.

The following Belgian institutions and bodies receive regular or project-specific support:

Dr. Yasse (Centre Belge pour Infirmes Moteurs Cerebraux, C.B.I.M.C.)

Street Helpers    

Service for Peace

Seamen’s Mission, Antwerp

Adeste Opération Thermos

Atelier Kaligrav, Woluwe St. Pierre

is a group founded in 2015 with members from both the German-speaking churches (protestant and catholic) in Brussels. It helps official asylum-seekers to integrate in Brussels. Group members offer financial support to asylum-seekers’ families, help with homework, and are available to attend doctors’ and official appointments etc.


Past and present link us to Belgium

As of 2019 our church participates in the International Prayer for Peace which welcomes all religious communities and takes place in May.

Each year we celebrate the World Day of Prayer with other churches in Brussels.

Our congregation is also involved in commemorating
the armistice on 11.11.1918.

Our pastors meet Belgian and German colleagues for a week of seminars as part of the annual Belgian-German Convention.

In 2017 the protestant churches in Belgium all celebrated the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.

In 2014 the protestant and catholic German churches in Brussels held a series of ecumenical events to commemorate the centenary of the outbreak of WW1- an exhibition, readings for young people and lectures, culminating in the “War and Peace – Darkness and Light” concert performed by an international choir and conducted by Belgian conductor Geert Hendricks in May 2014 and again in March 2015 in front of an international audience.